Shoshone County
Public Works

Forrest Greenfield, Director


The Shoshone County Public Works Road & Bridge Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 377 miles of county roads. These roads are further broken down into the following surfaces

  • 252.9 miles - Hot mix asphalt pavement
  • 79.4 miles - Gravel - graded & drained
  • 28.2 miles - Road or Cold Plant mix asphalt
  • 14 miles - Asphalt less than 1" or dust suppressant treated gravel
  • 2 miles - Earth - graded & drained
  • 0.1 miles - Other

We operate four road districts, two county parks (Gene Day & W. Shoshone), and a snowmobile parking lot.

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Shoshone County is located east of Kootenai and Benewah Counties, north of Clearwater County, south of Bonner County, and Montana borders it to the east.

Vision Statement

Shoshone County Public Works is committed to serving the residents and visitors of our county to the best of our resources and abilities, and to maintain a safe and reliable road system.

Shoshone County Road Districts

Shoshone County Public Works

Forrest Greenfield, Director
700 Bank Street, Suite 35
Wallace, ID 83873
Phone: 208.753.5475
Fax: 208.753.1011


Carol Young
Administrative Assistant
Weed Superintendent



District 1 (Murray)

Don Erickson

Road Supervisor

Phone: 208-682-3957

Fax: 208-682-3667


District 2 (Smelterville)

Shane Sciuchetti

Road Supervisor

Phone: 208-786-9471

Fax: 208-786-9471


District 3 (Osburn)

Arne Krulitz

Road Supervisor

Phone: 208-752-8335

Fax: 208-752-3105


District 4 (Marble Creek)

Richard Rauch

Road Supervisor

Phone: 208-245-6721

Fax: 208-245-6819